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Your safety, our priority!

This is the first guarantee that we owe to our customers. Our drivers are road professionals, our vehicles are serviced regularly.

For Taxis Resalp, driving on snowy roads is part of everyday life. Our drivers are trained and used to winter conditions as well as mountain roads.

Our vehicles are all 4x4 and equipped with snow tires in winter to guarantee punctuality and maximum safety.



Quality driving

The comfort of your journeys is one of our priorities. Our vehicles are carefully selected on several criteria and in particular the comfort of our passengers.

Our drivers are trained and sensitized to adopt a pleasant driving experience both on the highway and on mountain roads.

Your comfort is one of their priorities.

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Resalp Taxis is committed to the environment

Resalp Taxis is a subsidiary of the RESALP family group specializing in passenger transport.

We have undertaken an overall decarbonization of our services and a reduction in our consumption of fossil fuels.

Our taxi fleet currently includes hybrid electric cars and vans using biofuel. In 2024, 100% electric taxis will be operational. We want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2028 with an ambition of carbon neutrality for 2033




The fairest price

The price of a taxi ride is determined by the horokilometric counter (taximeter) in correlation with the distance traveled and the time spent.

Our drivers rigorously apply the prefectural pricing, the prices set by the state.

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